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Utricularia Reniformis ~ Stunning Carnivorous Bladderwort ~ Very Rare 5 Tiny Seeds ~

THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 TINY SEEDS OF UTRICULARIA RENIFORMIS A stunning plant with large round leaves held high above the soil . Lovely orchid-like mauve/ yellow flowers. Grows naturally in the forests of Brazil so needs a warm position, not too bright, though it will tolerate surprisingly low temperatures in winter. Will grow in tropical house. It has a thick underground rhizome. Utricularia reniformis is a charming member of Utricularia sect. Orchioides. This bladderwort carnivorous plant makes lots of small, kidney-shaped leaves and surprisingly large flowers. It grows quite well in long-fibered Sphagnum moss. As a plant like Temperature between 60-100 F. Sunlight - Partial-shade to full-sun. Water - Must be low in minerals. Distilled or rain-water optimal. Soil - Long-fiber Sphagnum moss or in water. Utricularia reniformis grows as an epiphyte on tussock grasses in the southern coastal mountains of Brazil, where it may also grows be an epiphyte on other epiphytes, bromeliads. In cultivation, Utricularia reniformis flowers in spring, together with emergence of the first leaves. These striking lilac flowers are held on a scape up to 60 cm high, above large, fleshy, kidney-shaped leaves. It has thick stolons that carry numerous traps on long stalks. Utricularia reniformis has two types of bladder traps; the genus unlike most other carnivorous genera actively catches its prey. The bladderwort trap is indeed active. When set, it is filled with water and a negative pressure is generated on the inside of the trap, making the walls slightly concave. When prey brushes the hairs at the opening, the suction trap is triggered. Water rushes in, flooding the trap and carrying the prey in with it. The mechanism is incredibly fast, with the door opening and closing in less than 1/500 of a second.
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