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White Wonder Watermelon * Heirloom White Fleshed Fruit * 5 Rare Seeds *

5 SEEDS OF WHITE WONDER WATERMELON The White Wonder watermelon is a small variety ranging from 3-8 pounds, and is therefore referred to as an icebox-sized melon due to its convenient fit. It is almost perfectly round with a minty green outer skin that is striated with darker green streaks. The rind is slightly thinner than conventional pink fleshed watermelons, and they should be handled with care to prevent cracking. The juicy white flesh is almost transparent when sliced, and is dotted with small black seeds. Its texture is succulent and juicy with a classic sweet watermelon flavor and hints of refreshing cucumber. The sugar level of the White Wonder registers an impressive 9.9 on the Brix scale, higher than many other watermelon varieties. Beautiful, snow-white flesh is so pale it’s almost transparent! The flavor is unique, fruity, and so delicious. The small, round 3-8 lb icebox-sized fruit is very refreshing and perfect for gourmet growers wanting to target high-class markets. These will add contrast to any display and are sure to bring attention at farmers’ markets. Watermelons are not a nutritionally dense food because they are almost 90 percent water, but they do offer small amounts of Vitamins A and C and potassium. The White Wonder watermelon has only trace amounts of lycopene.
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