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Ximenia Americana * Hog Plum * Sweet Almond Scent * Deciduous Shrub * Rare 3 Seeds *

3 SEEDS OF XIMENIA AMERICANA Tallow wood is a sprawling, spiny shrub or tree with a rounded or conical crown; it can grow up to 10 metres tall, but is usually smaller. The thin, straight spines are up to 10mm long. The bole is seldom more than 10cm in diameter. The plant is gathered from the wild, and also cultivated in the tropics and subtropics of Asia, N and NE Australia, Africa and the Americas, for the edible fruits and seeds (raw or pickled) and a myriad of other uses. The tree is also grown as an ornamental as well as to provide shade or to be used as a hedge. A mostly solitary tree, dispersed in open country, savannah, gallery forest, along coastal areas, in the understorey of dry forests, in dry woodlands, or on riverbanks. Fruit - eaten raw or made into preserves, pickles and fermented into a beer. Looking like a yellow plum, the fruit has a juicy pulp with an acid-sweet, aromatic, almond-like flavour. The globose fruit is up to 30mm long and 25mm in diameter. The growth rate is moderate, up to 0.5 m per year; it is drought resistant, requires full sun, and it can withstand moderate frost.
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