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Ximenia Caffra * Large Sourplum * Sweet Almond Scent * Deciduous Shrub * Rare 3 Seeds *

THIS LISTING IS FOR 3 SEEDS OF XIMENIA CAFFRA The large sourplum is a small tree or shrub with many traditional uses and colourful fruit. It is suited to growing in a bush clump or as part of a boundary screen in the garden to attract fruit-eating birds and various butterflies. Ximenia caffra is a deciduous tree up to 6 m tall with an untidy open crown. The bark is dark grey and rough, but pale green or brown on younger branches. Branchlets are spine-tipped. Sapwood is white and heartwood is hard and reddish brown. The root system is non-aggressive. The leathery dark green leaves are often in clusters (fascicles) on short, spur branchlets. They are simple, 60 x 25 mm. Ximenia caffra var. caffra has dense reddish hairs on the leaves and branchlets, whereas var. natalensis has smooth leaves. The flowers are small, sweet-scented and creamy-green and borne from August to October in single-stem clusters in the axils of the spines or on the dwarf branchlets. They are followed by thinly fleshy, oval, attractive fruits (drupes) which are 25 mm long, glossy, deep red with white spots. These are tart but edible and are relished by birds, other animals and humans. The single large seed inside contains Ximenia oil which has various uses. Ripe fruit has a vitamin C content of 27%, is high in potassium and contains protein. The seed has a 65% oil content. Fruits have a refreshing sour taste, best eaten when slightly over-ripe, but can also be used for making jam, dessert and jelly.
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